Here’s How to Survive Your First Camping Trip

There’s more to camping than just being able to be get up close and personal with nature. Sleeping under the stars in a tent, cooking your own food on wood fire and having to pee in the bushes can really test your patience and willpower. Being away from the hustle and bustle of the city life can also do well for your soul and mind, since you’ll be able to rethink your goals and perspectives.

Here are some tips and tricks you should know before you go on your first camping trip:

Use a beer can to cook your food.

If you don’t have one of those butane-powered stoves for camping, you can improvise instead. All you’ll need is a knife, denatured alcohol and a match or lighter. You can boil with the can as a makeshift stove.

Make your tent dry with an old shower curtain as a ground tarp.

This is especially helpful for elevated places where there’s a high chance of fog and moist.

Apply sealant on your tent to waterproof it.

A little rain can ruin your camping trip big time. So make your tent water-resistant by spraying a can of sealant over it.

Get rid of ticks with water and tea tree oil.

Protect yourself from Lyme disease while you’re enjoying your family holiday by spraying on a mixture of about 40 drops of tea tree oil with 12 to 16oz of water.

Pack coffee grounds in a filter.

Tie it with a string. Then at the campsite, boil water and pour it in a mug with the coffee bag. You’ll get your caffeine fix even if your miles away from civilization.

Take a rope and a tarp for whatever purpose you might need them for.

A rope can be used to hang wet clothes or to tie yourself to your companions when crossing a wild river. A tarp can be used to wrap your bag so it doesn’t get wet in the rain. Keep these in mind for a fun camping experience.