Nightlife in Prague

As in most European cities in Prague is a large number of bars and clubs living a vibrant nightlife. Bars are open non-stop and clubs are generally open from 23.00 to approx-4.00. If you want to continue the party after the morning hour, you will certainly find clubs that are open.

Some interesting places that are worth visiting and enjoying continued popularity are:

Duplex is one of the most popular nightclubs in Prague. On its huge dance floors flock not only young people but also all other age. In this location you will find not only the dance floor of a nightclub but a restaurant and a coffee shop. On the 6th floor is a terrace restaurant, which proves to be an ideal place to drink coffee in silence or simply admire the fences.

Sasazu is certainly currently the hottest nightclub in Prague. If you consider yourself a trendy person and if you like to dance until dawn on the dance floor, then Sasazu nightclub is right where you should come.

Mecca is also a very chic nightclub and very popular, the renowned DJ mixes famous songs in different styles of music, such as dance, house and techno.

Blues Sklep (Sklep meaning cellar) is one of the newest clubs in Prague that play jazz music in general. Being a club arranged in the basement of a building in Old Town, Blue Sklep receives his visitors in a setting quite diffuse light whose exclusive architecture, largely due rooms adorned with arches, reminiscent of the Gothic style.

Karlovy Lazne is another very in vogue night club in Prague. Designed on three floors plus basement, you can choose your favorite music style, because at every level of the club is listening  totally different music.


FX-in this nightclub, also very popular among young people, the customers have the possibility to relax on comfortable sofas and serve some coffee with a sandwich or a vegetarian cheesecake on some extraordinarily beautiful tables made ​​with various mosaic patterns.