The Famous and Magnificent Mount Bromo Sunrise

Witness the famous and magnificent Mount Bromo sunrise with your own eyes is the reason why Mount Bromo admired by many people as one of the tourist destinations in East Java favorite. Among lovers of mountain tourism, it is one included in the list of the must visit.

Mount Bromo-the beautiful volcano, is famous with its magnificent view of sunrise. So if you will visit this place, don’t miss this rare opportunity. Tell the innkeeper that you stay in, in the night before you want to watch the sunrise. The next day around 2 AM, you will be woken up in preparation for a hike. Fatigue due to a hike will be paid off with the incredible sunrise view. As the sun slowly rise, the situation will be very quiet and the only sound is camera shots of tourists.

There are two best places that comfortable and nice to enjoy seeing Mount Bromo sunrise, penanjakan 1 and penanjakan 2. But many tourists prefer penanjakan 1 because there is the highest peak to watch Mount Bromo sunrise.

As for penanjakan 2 is an alternative to see the sunrise when penanjakan 1 closed or there is an event that does not allow to public, such as when the arrival guest of government. But lately the local government has begun to renovate and build all facilities of penanjakan 2 so that it can be used as a priority for the tourists who come to watch Mount Bromo Sunrise.

Peak of penanjakan 1 is a very strategic place to get a panoramic and exotic view of tourism area of Mount Bromo. Because the height that reaches 2.770 meters above se level or higher than Mount Bromo which has an altitude of 2.329 meters above sea level.

From here, you can see the panoramic Mount Bromo sunrise. It including Mount Batok and Mount Semeru as background. In other words, you could watch the sunrise with a bonus scene you’ll never get anywhere else. In addition you can also enjoy the views of the exotic sea of sand that is between the three mountains.

To watch the sunrise, you should have already reached penanjakan 1 at least at 4 AM. So you can at least find for a strategic place in order to get this special moment. Because this place will be crowded by visitors, especially on holidays or weekend. The visitors not only domestic tourists but also many foreign tourists who want to see “The Famous and Magnificent Mount Bromo Sunrise”.

Like we told you before, that to witness Mount Bromo sunrise, you have to arrived at penanjakan 1 at least at 4 AM. It’s not an easy matter. It requires a struggle and courage. Because to reach this place in the early hours with a steep road that you must pass through vast sea of sand in the middle of the night, But we guarantee you that it will be pay off. Arriving at the penanjakan 1, you don’t need to worry. Even at midnight there are many stalls that provide food and warm drinks, there are also various signature item as souvenir.

The Mount Bromo sunrise moment did not last long. Because of that, DON’T BE LATE! Seriously. Or you’ll regret it and will haunted you until the rest of your life.